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Application Integration Services

data integration and application integration between two computer systems

Organizations tend to adopt different technology solutions for their different needs and although these solutions work great for certain purposes or a limited time, eventually they create bottlenecks in business operations and informational islands. Highly Responsive's application integration specialists can help you navigate the complex challenges, inherent with changes in technology solutions, while helping you envision the future of your organization's technology architecture. With years of cross-industry experience, our team helps you build highly scalable integration solutions to accelerate business processes, eliminate inefficient routine operations, verify data validity and consistency across data sources, applications and locations. Our application integration services include web services integration, data synchronization solutions, legacy systems integration and business process solutions for a variety of industries. Our integration services are designed to deliver immediate results, produce fast ROI, and balance business and IT needs.


  •   Streamline Processes
  •   Enhance ROI
  •   Increase Productivity
  •   Improve Data Integrity
  •   Reduce Manual Data Entry
  •   Leverage Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems Integration

As businesses face growth and expansion, they are forced to deal with the problem of information islands caused by legacy applications and a diversified IT architecture that prevent smooth information flow between different software, departments, and locations. Upgrading some legacy systems may be unrealistic due to high costs, lack or resources, or extensive time requirements. In these cases legacy systems integration provides the mechanism to integrate legacy software with modern tools to keep up with the fast pace of business and escalating customer demands. Whatever the circumstances, Highly Responsive Technologies can navigate you safely through integrating legacy systems with modernized software, cloud-based technologies, web applications, and mobile apps.

Data Synchronization and Integration

Organizations have different departments or teams that may keep different copies of what should be the same information - customer contact information, sales figures, billing schedules, staff hours, etc. The data is separate, partially duplicated, probably inconsistent, and certainly isolated from other applications, departments, or locations that could use it. Data synchronization and integration enables your organization to synchronize data and information across the entire organization for higher performance, greater consistency, and lower costs. For our clients that need to automate data interchange or data consolidation between two or more applications or data sources, Highly Responsive Technologies provides strategic, flexible data integration services.

Integration with Web Services via API

Different systems can communicate through Application Programming Interfaces (API), a specification that defines how software components should interact with each other. Connecting software and applications with one another via API eliminates duplication of effort and enhances the user experience, directly affecting productivity. Highly Responsive Technologies has experience with a large variety of web services including SOAP, REST and XML-RPC and other methods of communication. Our development team has produced excellent API solutions in the following web services categories: payment gateways, geo location services, social networks, advertisement platforms, retailers and online shopping, and video services.

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