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Web applications have exploded in popularity given the omnipresence of web browsers, cross operating system compatibility and maintenance-free approach for users. Whether your desired custom software solution is a small internal system that helps your team work more efficiently or a worldwide consumer application, our web developers provide software development services beginning with strategy all the way through delivery and following through with continuous maintenance. As an experienced web application development company, Highly Responsive Technologies builds high quality and cost effective web development solutions with the use of the latest and greatest technologies for small and medium-sized businesses in Birmingham, Cullman, Huntsville, and other Alabama areas. Our responsive web applications are mobile-friendly, completely customized solutions to meet the specific requirements and business objectives of our clients. The end result - businesses run smarter, more efficient, and are more profitable.

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Responsive Web App vs. Mobile App

Responsive web applications are first and foremost more time and cost effective than mobile apps. A responsive web application runs inside any web browser and automatically fits the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed. This type of custom software solution saves on initial and recurring expenses and development time by only needing one application for all devices. Responsive design is achieved by adapting the content, design, navigation and manner of interaction to deliver the same comfort and usability to the mobile user and the desktop user. The outcome is just one application that functions equally on all types of devices without needing multiple mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and more.

Time and cost investment considerations of a responsive web app vs mobile web app don't end with the initial deployment; over time, properly supporting and developing a mobile app (upgrading, testing, troubleshooting OS compatibility issues, and ongoing development) is much more expensive and intensive than supporting a web application. A web application is also much more flexible to update. If you want to change the design, functionality, or content of a custom web application, simply publish the updated version and the changes are immediately visible on all devices. A mobile app requires the new updated version to be downloaded in order to use the updated app on each type of device.

Benefits of Our Web Applications


Designed for Any Device

We use responsive design techniques so that your web application will seamlessly adapt, perfectly function, and look amazing on any device and platform with a web browser - desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Flexible and Scalable

The flexibility to tweak, move, and adapt your web application at any time and the scalability to grow with your business are huge advantages of our custom application development.

Easy to Use

Our web applications are designed from the ground up with usability in mind. We implement clean, intuitive user interfaces to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

Painless Updates

No more downloading and installing updates or compatibility issues. Simply publish an updated version of the web app and changes are visible to all users and devices.

Completely Customizable

Don't settle for a limited out-of-the-box software solution. Our custom software solutions are built around how your business operates and can be updated as your business grows and demands more.

Simple Maintenance

Our web developers use frameworks and coding standards to keep code organized and structured to allow your web application to be maintained faster and more easily with less coding and to evolve and grow over time.


Nothing is more important than security. We apply sound architectural design and secure coding practices at every stage of the software development life cycle. Authentication, authorization, validation, encryption, and logging are a few methods we use to protect systems and data.

24/7 Accessibility

Work from anywhere anytime. Unlike traditional desktop software, responsive web applications are accessible from any computer or device that is connected to the internet which puts users in charge of when and where they access the software.

Web Application Development Toolbox

Our web application developers have extensive experience with some of the most useful and popular web application development technologies. We use these tools on a daily basis to develop high performance, cross-platform web applications. Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, AngularJS, Laravel, PHP, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and XML are some of our favorites that we keep in the toolbox.

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We are a boutique IT services provider delivering custom development solutions and specialized managed services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Birmingham, Cullman, and Huntsville areas of Alabama. Our primary goal is to create an exceptional customer experience through personalized service and fast response times.

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